शास्त्रीय शिक्षण कॆन्द्र


The temple is the focus for all aspects of everyday life in the Hindu community - religious, cultural, educational and social. The temple is also the place where one can transcend the world of man. Hindus believe that their lives are merely stages in the progression to ultimate enlightenment. The temple is a place where God may be approached and where divine knowledge can be discovered. All aspects of the Hindu temple focus on the goal of enlightenment and liberation - the principles of design and construction, the forms of its architecture and decoration, and the rituals performed. And all of these are determined by ancient texts called shastras compiled by the priests, the brahmins. The vastushastras were theoretical and idealised descriptions of the architectural traditions and conventions to be followed. The temple is designed to dissolve the boundaries between man and the divine. Not merely his abode, the temple 'is' God. God and therefore by implication the whole universe is identified with the temple's design and actual fabric. The ground plan is perhaps the best example. The vastushastras describe it as a symbolic, miniature representation of the cosmos. It is based on a strict grid made up of squares and equilateral triangles which are imbued with deep religious significance. To the Indian priest-architect the square was an absolute and mystical form. The grid, usually of 64 or 81 squares, is in fact a mandala, a model of the cosmos, with each square belonging to a deity. The position of the squares is in accordance with the importance attached to each of the deities, with the square in the center representating the temple deity; the outer squares cover the gods of lower rank.
  Assam Temples
Hayagriva Madhava Temple
Kamakhya Temple
Navagraha Temple
Ugratara Temple
Umananda Temple
Da Parbatia Temple
Mahabhairab Temple

  Andhra Pradesh Temples
Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple
Sri KalaHasti Temple
Sri Shaila Temple
Ahobala Narasimha Temple
Maha Nandi Temple
Bhadrachalam Sri Ram Temple

  Bihar Temples
Mahabodhi Temple

  Delhi Temples
Akshardham Temple
Birla Mandir
Chattarpur Mandir
Gauri Shankar Temple
Hanuman Mandir
Iskcon Temple
Kali Bari Mandiri
Kalkaji Temple
Lotus Temple
Sheetla Devi Temple
Sri Digambar Jain Mandir

  Goa Temples
Mallikarjun Temple
Mahalaxmi Temple
Mangueshi Temple
Naguesh Temple
Ramnath Temple
Saptakoteshwar Temple
Sri Devaki Krishna Temple

  Gujarat Temples
Akshardham Temple
Ambaji Temple
Girnar Temples
Ranchhodraiji Temple
Palitana Jain Temples
Sun Temple
Somnath Temple
Dwarkadhish Temple

  Himachal Pradesh
Baba Nahar Singh Temple
Badol Devi Temple
Mandir Jalapa Mai
Markandeya Ji
Sheetla Mandir
Naras Devi Temple
Naina Devi Temple

  Karnataka Temples
Chennakeshava Temple
Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple
Hoysaleshwara Temple
Madhukeshwara Temple
Mahabaleshwar Temple
Mookambika Temple
Pattabhirama Temple
Someshwara Temple
Pattabhirama Temple

  Kerala Temples
Aranmula Temple
Guruvayoor Temple
Sabarimala Temple
Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple

  Maharastra Temples
Ambadevi Temple
Ghrishneshwar Temple
Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai
Mumba Devi Temple
Siddhivinayak Temple
Walkeshwar Temple
Trimbakeshwar Temple
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

  Orissa Temples
Lingaraj Temple
Mukteshwar Temple
Rajarani Temple
Gundicha Temple
Jagannath Temple
Ramachandi Temple
Sun Temple
Huma Temple

  Panjab & Hariyana
Mansa Devi Temple
Chandi Mandir

  Rajastan Temples
Brahma Temple Pushkar
Dilwara Jain Temples
Eklingji Temple
Ranakpur Jain Temples
Karni Mata Temple
Shrinathji Temple

  Tamil Nadu Temples
Airavatheeswara Temple
Brihadeswara Temple
Chidambaram Temple
Kailasanath Temple
Kanyakumari Temple
Mahabalipuram Rathas
Meenakshi Temple
Murugan Temple
Rameshwaram Temple
Ranganathaswamy Temple
Rock Fort Temple
Swamimalai Temple

  Uttarakhand Temples
Naina Devi Temple
Binsar Mahadev
Chandi Devi Temple
Mansa Devi Temple

  Uttar Pradesh Temples
Hanuman Garhi
Nageshwarnath Temple
Buddhist Temples Kushinagar
Mathakaut Temple
Dwarkadhish Temple
Krishna Janambhoomi
Budhist Temple Sarnath
Nirvana Temple
Bharat Mata Mandir
Kashi Vishwanath Temple
Durga Temple
Sankat Mochan Temple
Tulsi Manas Temple

  Other State Temples
Arunachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir

  Other State Temples
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal