शास्त्रीय शिक्षण कॆन्द्र

Keshanta and Ritushiddhi

Keshanta (IAST: Keśānta) (literally, getting rid of hairs) is the first shave. It is ceremoniously performed for a boy at his age of 16. (Citation: Mn.2.65)

Keshanta (Sanskrit: केशान्त, Keśānta) (literally, cutting the hair) is the thirteenth of the sixteen samskāras (sacraments) practiced by the Hindus. This samskāra is connected with the first shaving of a student's beard when his age is about 16 years. The procedure of this samskāra is almost the same as that of the Chudakarana. This samskāra was also known as the Godana (gifting a cow) or the Godanakarman (rite of gifting a cow), as the student offered a cow to the teacher at the end of the ceremony.

 According to the Manusmriti (II.65), this samskāra should be performed for a Brahmin in the sixteenth year (from conception), for a Kshatriya in the twenty-second year and for a Vaisya in the twenty-fourth year.

Ritusuddhi is a ceremony associated with a girl’s first menstruation.