शास्त्रीय शिक्षण कॆन्द्र


  Our vision is to build a society on dharmic & democratic values. And the preservation of values through preservation and propagation of scriptures.
  Our sanatana dharmic society is the most democratic social system in the universe. preservation and propagation of the human values and progressive elevation of society to higher level of evolution is our mission.
  Our Major Projects
  Preservation of original Scriptures
  Translation of the Scriptures
  Making available to everyone free of cost
  Video library (Discourses, rare live videos, animation, documentary, so on)
  Audio Library (Mantras, Discourses, instructions so on)
  Join hands with us
  As the mission is of lifetime and beyond, we expect people to come and join us and make this as their mission of lifetime. The project is of non-profit in nature.
  Special Note
  The content posted on this portal is purely known (needs) to be royalty/copyright free. Lot of users will be posting content (Text, Audio, Video and other content) to the portal. If any of the content posted on this portal found to be violation of copyright or any other laws, we request you to please bring it to our notice, so that we can take immediate action. Any such issues found, please inform us at editor@hinduonline.co.