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  The lahara (lahera) peti, is an Indian electronic instrument which produces simple repetitive melodies as an aid for students. It serves the same function that has historically been performed by artists on the sarangi, harmonium, or other melodic instruments. However the obvious advantage is that the electronic version is there for ones practice at any time.

I am told tha the first electronic lahara peti was made by a P. Mitra, in Karnatica. I know nothing of the man, but I was able to reverse engineer one of his machines back in the mid 1970's. I was an analogue oscillator that was controlled by a simple analogue / digital sequencer. It was crude but serviceable for churning out a Tintal lahara.

Within a few years Radel systems of Bangalore were producing commercial quality lahara petis. These made much more extensive use of improvements in digital electronics, so that numerous laharas in several tals were now practical.

In the last few years, other companies have also started to produce their own lahara petis. One alternative to the Radel is the "Nagma"











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