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  Pung is a drum from the north-east Indian state of Manipur. This association is so strong that it has come to be known as the manipuri mridang. It is held in very high esteemand is very much used in the Manipuri style of dance. There is even a whole dance form based upon it known as Pung Chalom.

The pung is very similar to the khol in its construction and technique. There are really only a few differences. The pung has a body made of wood while the khol has a body of clay. Another difference is that both left and right sides of the pung are similar in size while the khol has sides that are very different. Another difference is that the khol has a greater girth while the pung is more cylindrical.

No one knows how long this drum has been in existence. It is said that it was introduced into the area by king Khuyoi Tompok in the year 154 AD.











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