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Soma, also called as Indu or Soma-Pavamana, is one of the most important deities in the Rgveda. The entire ninth Mandala is devoted to his praise. He is the presiding deity of the Soma creeper whose juice is often used in sacrifices as offering and also drink. He is sometimes praised as the Supreme God. He cures the mortals of their diseases, gives them joy and leads them to immortal blissful worlds. It was because of the power he bestowed that Indra was able to do wonderful deeds and slay the demon Vrtra. He rules over the mind and activates speech.
Hence he is sometimes described as Vacaspati, 'lord of speech'. It is he who makes ordinary mortals Rsis, wise sages. He creates the worlds, rules over mountains and rivers.
The name Soma has been used in the Rgveda for the deity that animates the Soma creeper, the juice of the creeper itself, as also the moon. In later literature, Some has been practically identified with the moon itself. Scholars opine that the deity Homa of the Zend-Avesta is this Soma itself.











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