Anu Bhashya

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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


The name of this work itself indicates that it is a summary of the

Bhashya. It is said that the ashramaguru of Srimadacharya,Sri Achyutapreksha ,was recitng the Bhramasutrabhashya daily before taking food. When Sri Madhvacharya found that it was difficult for his guru to do so on Dvadasi days,he composed this work called anUbhAshya to fecilitate him. This work is in simple style and in only about 35 stanzas,the AchArya has provided the gist of the Bhashya. There is a saying  'sankshEpa vistarAbhyAm pravadanti manIshina:h'-  great people say things 'in short' or 'in detail' as needed. Sri Raghavendra swamigalu has shown in his detailed commentary on this work that the Bhashya on all the 564 sutras has been covered in this work.

Reciting this work daily gives one the same spiritual results as reciting the Brhamasutra Bhashya.














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