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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


It is said that the first work of Srimadacharya is Bhagavadgita Bhashya, a commentary on the Gita. He wrote this work and took it to Badari and recited before the Lord. The benedictory verse 'devam NArAyAnam natvA ....' ended with the word  '  shakitah' ,meaning that he has written the 'bhashya' according to his ability . But,he and his sishyas who had accompanied him heard a voice from the Lord's vigraha that he should change the word 'saktitah' to 'lesatah' indicating that he had the ability to give more interpretation of the 'Gita' than what he had written . By this the Lord gave his approval of the Acharya's commentary.  In this Bhashya Srimadacharya has not commented on each sloka of the Gita, but has given explanation to about 250  to 300 stanzas, starting with the 11th sloka of ch.2 'ashOchyAnavashOchastvam'..  Brevity is an extrardinary

quality of his bhashya as in the case of all his works. His sentences are impregnant with meanings which only masters like

Jayatirtha,Vyasaraja,Raghavendraswamy, Srinivasatirtha could explain to

ordinary sadhakas. Another greatness of Srimadacharya's commentaries is that he hardly makes a statement which he does not support with quotations. Regarding Srimadacharya's presentation NArAyanapandithAchArya says in Sumadhvavijaya :' bAlasanghamapi bOdhayadbrisham durnirUpampicha panditai:h' meaning that his works can be understood easily(to some extant) by even boys(beginners) and is hard to follow (fully) even by 'pandits'. This applies to all his works,especially to the Gita Bhashya. If we study it repeatedly we

find that we had lost some meaning in the previous reading. To conclude I shall give his interpretation of only one sloka, Gita ch 2,sloka 41:

'vyavasayatmikabuddhihi EkEhakurunandana bahushAkhAhyananthAscha

buddhayO(a)vyavasAyinAm.' Srimadacharya's interpretation to this verse  'yOgE imAm buddhim srunU ....' states that the right knowledge ,that is the correct interpretation by right thinking persons, is only one,and that is whatI(Krishna) have given here;.there are many interpretations given by persons who do not have the right thinking or knowledge.

  We must, therefore, stick to the right interpretation of Shastras by

Srimadacharya ,who is also known as Sarvajnacharya,whom Sri Guru Raghavendra has called as 'asmadAdiguru'  in Pratah sankalpa gadya,and gain the true knowledge.














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