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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


This work of Srimadacharya gives detailed interpretation of each 'sutra' and establishes the main tenets of his philosophy. These are:

   1. Sriman Narayana is the  Lord of the universe, and the creation,

destruction, sustainanance ,control etc. are according to his wish. He is the one called Brahma in the vedas and HE is full of knowledge,bliss, and power(strength).

  2.All living beings are different from Him and from each other and are subordinate to Him,all their actions are controlled by Him.

  3.All inanimate objects are different from Him and from each other and from all living objects.

  4. The final emancipation called mokhsha for the beings who are bound to the problems of 'samsara'  can be attained by intense devotion to the Lord with the true knowledge of HIM.

 Srimadacharya has established these and other principles related to the same with reference to the sutras.

 According to the bhashya of Srimadacharya,the summary of each of the

chapters of the Brahma sutras is as follows:

  Samanvaya adhyaya-- This chapter explains that Sri Narayana is

ParaBrahma,and all names(names of the devatas etc.), all words,and even all sounds are primarily qualifying the Lord and so apply to Him and only secondarily to the persons or objects they indicate.HE is the controller of all functions in the universe as stated in 1 above.

  Avirodha adhyaya-  In this chapter Srimadacharya has shown that according to the Sutras there is no statement which contradicts the supremacy and the qualities of the Lord  defined in the first chapter; and wherever any statement appears to contradict the same,it should be reconciled with this main principle by considering the statements prior to it and those following it (these are in philosophic parlance called upakrama and upasamhara). This chapter also deals with the errors in the interpretations given by others to the Brahmasutras.

   Sadhana adhyaya-- The third chapter deals with the fact that the Lord will be pleased with us only by devotion to Him with the knowledge about Him  as given in 1 above. Srimadacharya has defined 'bhakti' as devotion  with right knowledge,and complete attachment to Him.

  Phala Adhyaya-- This chapter gives the result of such 'sadhana', namely freedom from the bondage of this world where we face a lot of misery and attainment of 'moksha' where there is always happiness. The gradation of souls,commonly known as 'taratamya',is also dealt with here.

 What is given here is a very short note on the Brahmasutra Bhashya, on which an enormous volume of philosophic literature has been produced by stalvarts starting from Sri Padmanabha tirtha, Jayatirtha, Vyasaraja, Raghavendra tirtha and many others.

  With  prostrations at the feet of BharatiramanaMukhyapranantargata Lakshmi Narayana.














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