Dvadasha Stotra

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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


There is hardly any Madhva who does not know 'Dvadasastotra'. It was

composed by Srimadacharya when he brought the "krishna vigraha' which he got from some boat which  he saved from drowning by hismiraculous powers. These metrical stotras are a feast to the ears and mind when sung with devotion. The stotras are mainly in praise of the Lord Sri Krishna ,and His manifestations as the ten avatars. Apart from it the stotras incorporate several points of philosophic import such as the Lord's powers of creation, and sustanance of the world. The import of the Bhagavadgita ,doing one's duty as service to God without any desire for fruit is stated in the song 'kurubhuxva cha karma nijam iyatam'.The last song  with the lines 'Ananda Tirtha parananda varada'  indicates the intense devotion of  Srimadananda tirthabhagavatpadacharya  for his beloved Lord who is 'Anandamaya' "

"PreenayamO VAsudEvam devatAkhanada mandanam















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