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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


Srimadacharya  has given another work on the Gita ,which may be said to

be supplementary to the Bhashya. In fact, this work  standing  alone  can give us the true import of the Gita. The benedictory verse

'samastagunasampUrnam sarvadOsavivarjitam, NArAyanam namaskritya gItA

tAtparyamuchyatE' itself contains the main import of the gita that Narayana whose greatness is intended to be extolled in this work is full of auspicious qualities and has no iota of flaw . All other principles stated herein are subservient to this knowledge of the supreme Lord.

  In this work Srimadacharya gives us the angle of view from which one has to study the Bhagavadgita in the following words:'tatra sAxat IndrAvatAram uttamAdhikarinam Atmanah priyatamam Arjunam....... .....bhagavadadhInatvat sarvasya'. This means that the Lord tells Arjuna,who is a Jnani being the avatara of Indra,but whose knowledge is temporarily blurred ,by his attachment to his relatives,that his dharma as a xatriya is to fight against all those opposed to the Lord and those supporting them ,as everything on this universe is under His control.The Gitatatparya gives additional explanations to the points already given in the Bhashya and also gives some new explanations.














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