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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


The ocean of the nector called SriKrishna, that is what this work is about. Srimadacharaya,wrote this work by selecting verses from various authoritative works(Mahabharata,puranas etc.), as a kindly blessing to  a devotee who aksed him for 'upadesa'. There are about 240 slokas in it.  The importance of devotion to the Lord is stressed by quoting verses like

"srirAmarAmarAmEti manOrAmEmanOrAmE


which was preached to  Parvati by Shiva. The superiority of Sri Narayana over other gods is also thus established.  One important part of this work is the stress on Ekadasi Vrata dealt with here in about 70 slokas. Following it is the efficacy of 'saligramatirtha', which ,the Acharya states, is more gratifying than taking bath in all the sacred rivers. Thus the work is devoted to extolling  the greatness of the Lord whose incarnation as Krishna and his praise is in every breath of our Acharya and who leads us  to take atleast a drop in the ocean of "krishnamrita' if we follow the path he has shown us.

'kallu sakkare kollirO neevellaru  kallusakkare kollirO

Khulla lOchana Sri KrishnananAmavemba Kallu sakkare kollirO'














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