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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


The benedictory verse of this "khandana''  - NarasimhO(a)khilAjnAnamata

dhvAnta divAkara:h  Jayatyamita sajjnAna   sukha sakti payOnidhi:h'  conveys the summary of the three 'khandanAs'. The verse means that Narasimha,the Lord, is like the rising sun destroying the darkness caused by  all theories based on ignorance; he shall be praised, who is like a ocean in His  'sajjAna ' (perfect  knowledge)  sukha'(ananda),sakti(power of control).(Sri Jayatirtha,in his commentary says that the comparison of the Lord's abilities to a ocean is only to say that it is extraordinarily  high but His capacities

and ananda are infinite-poorna).

  In this work two points are discussed . One is that the Brahman,who Is not having any qualities and is the only 'truth', is affected by a 'thing' called 'avidya' and  appears as the world that we see, which is but a fantasy.  This gives rise to the question whether the Brahman as a whole or partially affected by avidya, and in either case it is shown that the concept of a Brahman, who alone is the truth, is defeated. Other ideas like the world being neither'sat' nor 'asat'(real or non-existant) are proved to be a misnomer. Having defeated the advaitic concepts , Srimadacharya has done 'svamata sthapana'(establishing the philosophy as stated by him) by quoting the last five verses of ch 15 of the Bhagavadgit statrting with' dvAvimau purushau lOkE' which state the' supremacy of the Lord',and the principle of 'bheda'.














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