MythyatvAnumanna Khandana

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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


As the name indicates this work deals with the Advaitin's theory of

'Jagan mythyatva'(or the world being unreal)'.  The argument based on the proposition that 'anything that is seen is unreal'(vishvam mythya

drishyatvat) and so the world is unreal,which looks absurd on the face of it, but which the advaitins try to substantiate with the example of 'a shell appearing like silver when light falls on it' ,is shown to be only on  a slippery ground.

To conclude this notes on the three khandanas, we may say that the

three together make the Advaitic philosophy collapse like a pack of cards.

All the works are very short. They look like the three feet of Vamana

covering the three worlds under them and putting down Bali.

'VAmana VAmana BhAmana VandE sAmana seemana shAmana sAnO'-















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