Nrisimha Naksha Stuti

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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


This stotra ,  in two stanzas, was  composed by Sri Madhvacharya with

instructions that it should   be recited before and at the close of reciting "Hari Vayu stuti' of Sri Trivikrama panditacharya,composed by him when he had the darshan of the three avatars of Vayu worshipping the Lord as Rama,Krishna and Vedavyasa at the sametime is well known to all Madhvas. The stotra is in praise of the 'finger nails' of Lord Nrisimha killing Hiranyakasipu and protecting the Devatas (and Prahlada). In the second stanza Srimadacharya ,by starting with the word  'Laxmikantha' and ending with 'Bhasita Brahmesha shakrotkarah' has stated that Narasimha is superior to all the devatas including Laxmi and He can destroy the world at His will.I have not given the sloka or its meaning as it is already given by Sri Srisha Rao (lis08 in  the postings). Sri (late) P. Vishnutirtha, a well known pandit, has written the meaning of this stotra in detail,and the book runs

into a few hundred pages(kannada).














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