Paramana Lakshana

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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


‘Pramana' in the shastraic parlance indicates a statement which supports or proves a theory proposed to be established (the 'jiva paramatma bheda' for example.  One  philosophic thinker  put the number of 'pramanas' as five ,while another put it as seven or so. Srimadacharya ,in his above mentioned work has stated that the main 'pramanas' are three ' PRATYAKSHA,ANUMANA and AGAMA" and all other types of pramanas stated by others merge within these. 'pratyaksha' is whatever knowledge we gain with our senses(when they are free from any defects);'anumAna' is a logical statement made in support of the theory ; and Agama' is a scriptural work accepted as 'pramana' or authoritative. Sri Madhvacharya has explained the nature of the first two and has stated that 'anumana' not supported by either 'pratyaksha' or 'Agama' may not hold good and  can be misleading. He has also defined the texts which are to be treated as 'Agamas'.













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