Sadachara Smrut

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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


As the name indicates it is Srimadacharya's injunctions for the right

procedures to followed in a day from morning to night by a Vaishnava.  A Vaishnava should, as soon as he wakes up pray to Lord Vishnu, and at the close of the day, before retiring to bed, should pray to the Lord.  In between ,he should observe austere practices. The procedure for washing the teeth, taking bath (preferably in a river or natural source of water) by reciting 'purusha sukta','Aghamarshana sukta' etc. have been clearly stated in this work. Then follows 'sandhyavandana', 'pooja' , taking food,study,teaching,rest,evening pooja etc. which have all been clearly stated for the guidance of his followers  by Srimadacharya in simple language in about forty slokas.If anyone is fortunate to be able follow the procedures and ausreities stated in this work, he shall be following Srimadachaya's exhortation in the 'dvadasastotra'-  SANTATAM CHINTAYET ANANTAM ANTAKALE VISHESHATAH, and that is the duty of a true Vaishnava.


' Prithvee manadalamadhyastA:h PoornabodhamatAnuga:h

VaishnavA:h VishnuhridayA:h tAnnamasyE gurUn mama'














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