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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


Among the works of Srimadacharya, The Mahabharatatatparya nirnaya is

biggest in volume,comprising of  32 chapters in about 5200 slokas. It

encompasses the two Itihasas Ramayana and Mahabharata ,the latter

incorporating parallelly the , story of Sri Krishna as in the Bhagavata. It is not just a narration of the stories but gives  explanation for the actions of the Lord in both the avataras(Rama and Krishna) in cases like 'Vali vadha', 'sudra tapasvi samhara', 'putana vadha' etc. In the first chapter of this work called  'sarvashatrarthanirnaya',, Srimadacharya  has ,with quotations from several works,established that Narayana is the  supreme Lord of this world, that He is full of auspicious qualities and without any  blemish (gunaparipurna and nirdosa); he has also  stated the three avataras

of Vayu quoting the Balitha sukta, and given the gradation among other

'devatas' and almost all tenets of the shastras as established by him. The work is so large that it is not possible to give even a very small fraction of the knowledge it encompasses  in a small endeavour like this. And so, it is best to conclude this quoting from the same: 'nirnaya;h sarvashastrAnAm sadrishtantO  hi  BhAratE' -- In Bharata   the import of all  the shastras is  decisively stated   with suitable examples (annecdotes). This statement applies equally to this work of Srimadacharya, the 'Mahabharata tatparya nirnaya'.

Sri Madhvacharya visited Sri Vedavyasa in upper Badari twice. When he met him a second time ,he was instructed by SriVedavyasa that he should write a 'nirnaya' on the 'Mahabharata' . On retuning from there, Srimadacharya composed this work ,which has no parallel in the history of scriptural works.

Sri  Raghavendraswamigalu has composed a summary of the thirtytwo chapters of this work in thirtytwo slokas called 'Mahabharata tatparyanirnaya Bhavasangraha'.

Sri Raghavendra gurvantargata Bharatiramana Mukhyapranantargata Sri

Hari:h priyatam.














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