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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


Srimadacharya, in "vishnu Tattvanirnaya', has defined the works that

are to be treated as 'Shastras' (Agamas) as  the four Vedas, Mularamayana, Mahabharata, Pacharatra ;  Puranas and other works  where the statements do not contradict these are also to be taken as 'pramana'. Of the 'puranas', Bhagavata is considered to be fully authoritative.Srimadacharya has written a commentary on Bhagavata  called 'Bhagavata tatparya nirnaya'. In this work Srimadacharya has explained the meaning of several passages and the implications of several annecdotes.  He has not commented on all the verses , and has given explanation of certain slokas in each chapter where there is

partcularly some philosophical import , profusely substantiating them with quotations.For example, the Uddhava gita in the 11th canto,which is somewhat parallel to the Bhagavadgita is expalined in detail. To put it in short,Srimadacharya has shown that the BhagavataPurana substantiates that Sriman Narayana is the supreme deity and all 'devatas' are subordinate to Him  and devoted to Him and preach to others that devotion to Him is the means for salvation from the bondage of 'samsara'. (an example of this is the Rudragita taught to the Prachetatas by Shankara). The Bhagavata Tatparyanirnaya gives us the right approach with which we should study any 'purana' or other works,

and that is we should look in any work for 'Vishnusarvottamatva'  and treat  anything  opposed to it as false knowledge.

'Vasudevasutam devam  Kamsa Chanura mardanam

Devakiparamanandam Krishnam vande jagadgurum'














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