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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


This work contains information regarding some technically important 

procedures in yhe worship of the Lord. This work contains extracts from a larger work existing on the topics dealt with herein.

The important things dealt with in this work include:

1. The procedure for the 'upadesa' and practice of important 'mantras' like 'Narayana Ashtakshara mantra, Krishna shadakshara mantra,Vasudeva

dvdashakshara mantra, Shiva shadkshra mantra ' etc.(about 70 mantras are included).

  2.procedure for construction of Temples, sizes of  idols of dieties,

charecteristics of   temple architecture,size of the 'garbha griha'etc.

  3.Procedure for construction of 'yagna kundas' etc. for purpose of

conducting 'yagnas' .While it is a practice to include practice of sorcery etc. in tantra' 'granthas by  other writers , Srimadacharya has  exclude them from his work , and laid stress  only on the aspects which please  the Lord.














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