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Written by Sri Madhvacharya


This work is said to have been composed by Srimadacharya in reply to the remark by some people that he is only propagating 'Tattvajnana' but is not versed in 'karmakanda' of Vedas. Being Sarvajnacharya, he had stated in his discourses that all vedic words have three meanings,the primary meaning being the praise of the Lord. Srimadacharya has illustrated this in this work. He has chosen a mantra in a 'chandas'(metre) called 'Mahanamni' which  apparently praises Indra and explained its significance with  reference to Vishnu.. This work illustrates the profoundity of his knowledge in Vedas.  In fact ,while Shankaracharya has stated that only a few vedic statements are to be taken as stating real philosophy and the others are 'a-tattvavedaka' (not having any philosophic import), Sri Madhvacharya has upheld that all vedic statements are basically stating the philosophic truth of the supremacy of Vishnu. At the end of the work, Srimadacharya has quoted his favourite stanzas from ch 15 of the Gita starting with 'dvavimau purushauloke' to show that the ultimate truth is the supemacy of the Lord and the  principle of 'bheda'.

With this we have concluded the ten works called 'DasaprakaranAs' by the grace of 'dasapramati' that is rimadanandatirthabhagavatpadacharya.         


'asEshadOhadurAya gunapoornAyaVishnavE nama:h sriprAnanAthAya bhaktAbheeshtapradAdAyinE'


Note:  From the archives,I have found that a fairly detailed , and clear notes  on 'dasaprakaranas' are given by Sri GV Bindumadhavan which is worth studying.. 















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