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Written by Ramanujacharya


Sri: SrimathE RamanujAya namah:

1. Bhagavan NarAyaNa ......... saraNa maham prapadhyE..

Meaning: Sri MahAlakshmi has got all the attributes, the thirumEni, its specialities, the kalyANa GuNAs, which the Lord likes always; Not even a second, she gets separated from the Lord; Blemishless; the pattamahishi of dEvAthi dEvan; the mother for the entire universe; and my mother too; Such a great mother Sri mahAlakshmi- I, who has no other shelter or protector, take refuge at her lotus feet.

Requesting Sri mahAlakshmi to recommend to Lord Sri RanganAtha:

2. pAramArtthika...... asthu mE..

Meaning: Parabhakti, ParaGnAnam and Paramabhakti are the permanent means to hold the Lord's Lotus feet. With those Bhakti, one can get the divine experience and Bhagavadh anubhavam which is the only one to be desired and nothing else; From that Bhagavadh anubhavam, the "NILAIYAANA KAINKARYAM" to the Lord. For getting that sort of attitude and the bhakti, one shall perform SARANAGATHI at the Lotus feet of namperumAL. O mAthA, Please bless me to obtain such bent of mind to do SARANAGATHI at all times; with no gap absolutely.

Piratti acknowledges:

3. AsthuthE.....Let it happen as you asked for.

4. Thayaiva sarvam sampathyathE With that saraNagathi, you (and your sishyAs) ("SARVAM") are going to get EVERY sampath.

EmberumAn's swaroopam:

5. Akila hEya .....swaroopa..

The One, who has embodied unlimited GnAnam, Anandham, and who has housed all kalyANa guNAs, who has differed from all that is different from Him by nature, who has all qualities that is opposite to those which we hate;

EmperumAn TirumEni azhaghu:

6. SwAbhimathAnuroopaika....Divya roopA..

The one who has the ThirumEni which is very much liked by Him; which can NEVER be thought and understood about; which is NOT a combination of various particles and matter; which is a wonder(aRputham); which has no beginning and no end; which is blemishless; which is an unparalleled brightening body; which has azhaghu(beauty), sughandham(Good smell), softness, and youth always;

EmperumAn's GuNAs:

7. SwAbhAvikA.....mahArNavA..

the one who has excellent innumerable kalyANa guNAs (as enumerated by AchAryA in "saraNAgathi Gadhyam" also) namely.,JnAnam(true and perfect knowledge), Bhala (ability to support the whole Universe), Aishwarya (incomparable wealth and ruler ship of the Universe), veerya (untiring virility), shakthi (power to act without extraneous help), tEjas(unmatched radiance), souseelya(purest character), vAtsalya(pure unmitigated love), Maardava(affectionate tenderness towards devotees/ bhagavathaaLs), Aarjava(Honesty), Souhardha(Thinking of good only), Samya(equanimous one), KaruNya(Merciful), Madhurya(sweet even to enemies), Gambheerya(majesty and nobility), Audharya(giving out liberally- vaLLal thanmai), Chathurya(ability to change even enemies into friends), sthairya(determined to stay on chosen course), dhairya(undaunted courage to bring succor to the bhakthAs), sowrya(ablility to fight alone), parakrama(winning the battles effortlessly), sathya kAma(having Thy will ever fulfilled), sathya sankalpa(Having Thy deeds fully executed), krutithvam(carrying out the duties of BhagavathaaLs), kruthangnathai(remembering with gratitude even a little worship offered to Him), and repository and ocean of all such innumerable kalyANa guNAs; He is parabrahmam and PurushOtthaman . Such qualities are flooded in our Lord!

BhagawAn's alankArangaL:

SvOchotha.divya bhooshaNA:

8. The ones which are exactly matching and are suitable to Him, the ones which are of different, spectacular, kinds, and have no beginning and have no counts; have permanence in themselves; have no blemishes; unlimited fragrance, softness, brightness in them;- such crown (kireetam), choodAvadhamsam (mudi aNi), makarakundalam, mAlai, muthucharangaL, bangles, Srivathsam (mole on His chest), ThiruvayiRRup pattam, PeethAmbharam, araigNaN, thaNdai, etc., are His AbharaNangaL(jewels).

EmperumAn's weapons(AyudhangaL):


9. The ones which are exactly matching and the ones whose powers can NOT be thought of or understood (by anyone)- such sanghu(conch), chakram(discuss), gadhai, vil, are His weapons which have no blemishes and always do good to others;- O Lord, the one who has such weapons!

His consorts:

Swabhmatha.srivallabhA yEvamhootha NeeLA nAyakA:

10.The one who is always dearest to Him; who is foe ever, matching and suitable, without blemishes, has a suitable ThirumEni azhaghu, attributes, guNAs, capabilities, command, qualities precisely identical to the Lord- Sri MahAlakshmi- Her nAyakA!, Similarly BhoomidEvi, NeeLAdEvi nAyakA!

His parijana, parichArikALs:


11. The state, actions and qualities of following emperumAn's thiruvuLLam(mind) at all times, the concentration and determination to perform service to the Lord at all times and with a thought about that only at all times, the GnAnam, actions, command, qualities and attributes and such countless kalyANa gunAs are housed in AdhisEshan, vishvaksEnar, Garudan, and other parijanangaL and maids who always serve the Lotus feet of our Lord incessantly. O such great two feet!

BhagawAn's place:


12.Even the most greatest yOgis can not talk or think or measure His swaroopam, such wonderful swaroopam, swabhAvam, such qualities are fully housed in unlimited, beautiful, blemishless, permanent, the one where there is no comparison to any other place- such Sri vaikunta vAsi! Akila ulaga nAthan SwasankalpAnu vibhavalaya leela..

13. The One who has leelAs(playful acts) of The creation, the sustenance and the Destruction of all countless, wonderful enjoyer, the enjoyment and the enjoyed, the one who has housed within Himself as His nature the prakrithi, the purushan and the time(kAlam),- Such leelA vinOdhA! Surrender to the Lord SathyakAmAprapadyE..

The One who has all that He can think of; who can achieve all that He can attempt; The one who is a parabrahman; uttamapurushan; who rules all unlimited, unbounded beings and non-beings; Sri mahAlakshmi nAyakA!, NarAyaNA; Sri vaikutanAthA;

The one who is an ocean of kArunyam, sowseelyam, vAtsalyam, AudhAryam, Sowndharyam; The one who does not see the level and protects everyone equally; who wipes the sufferings of bhaktALs; who removes bhaktALs' mistakes; who knows the truths of all matters; movable ones, non movable ones-He commands them at all times; who is the support for the entire Universe; who is a swAmi for the entire Universe; And also my swAmi; Who has everything with Him; who can get whatever He thinks; who is different from others (except Him); who is like a kaRpakatharu for those who beg Him; who is a friend in need; one who never separates Himself from pirAtti; Sriman NarAyaNA; one who is the only refuge for those who are in need of support; Such Sri NarAyaNA! I surrender into your two Lotus feet.

(Dvaya manthram to be recited here)

Pitharam... gruhANi cha..

O BhagawAn! I have left the bonds of bodily relations like father, mother, wife, children, bhandhus(relatives), friends, Gurus, RathinangaL(wealth), danadhAnyangaL. Properties, Houses, DharmangaL, and all others, and have surrendered to your feet, TrivikramA!

TvamEvadEva sodum.. DEvAdhi dEvA! You are my mother; my father; my relative; my Guru; my knowledge; my matter; my every thing; One who has unparalleled good qualities; One who is a father of all movable and immovable, living and non living beings; You are the only one who can be worshipped; You are the only one who can be a Teacher; Hence, You are the GREATEST; When there is not even an equal person to match You; How can there someone be greater than You(There CAN NOT BE).

Hence, I have placed my human body flat on the ground and prostrate at your feet considering You as my Lord, the one who is worshippable. Consider me as a son to a father; as a friend to another friend; as a wife to a husband; and bear all my mistakes, blunders which I have committed.

(Our Sri RamanujA thus prostrated to Sriya: pathi and begged to be forgiven by the Lord).


10&11.Through the mind, Language and the body, from time immemorial (for so many births), the mistakes, blunders (apachArams) have been committed; that too, tremendous, infinite number of apachArams- doing the ones which should not have been done; not doing the ones which should be done as per shAstrAs; committing apachArams to the Lord; to the BhAgavathALs; committing unforgivable, unpardonable apachArams; -All of these, O Lord, Please show mercy on me and forgive me for my such mistakes. Out of these apachArams, some have already started giving me results; some have not yet yielded results; some have been committed in the past; some are being done in the present; and some may even be committed in the future; - Please forgive me for all these apachArams. With regards to Atman, Worldly things, I have been having a misconception and having a "vibhareetha GnAnam", for quite a long time (for so many births); All these wrong GnAnams and misconceptions, which I possess, and will possess- Please forgive me them also. Request for removal of "mAyai"

madheeya-anAdhi karma... mAm thAraya..

12. The mAyA, which has been there in me due to my karmAs I have been doing for a long time; which has been hiding me from the Supreme Truth (BhagawAn) and has been leading me to a "vibhareetha GnAnam" of mistaking the Body as Atman (or attaching myself to the Body); a thinking that "Worldly and sensual pleasures are the happiest and are to be sought after; the mAyA which has been as a body, as sense organs, as bhOgyam, as gross and fine matter; as sattva, rajas and thamasa guNAs; - Such a mAyA of mine(who is saying to You, "I have surrendered to You and am Your servant ALWAYS")-Please enable me to cross over Thy mUla prakriti of the entire guNAs causing beginningless and endless karmas".

tEshAm gnAnee... sudhurlabha:..

13."the GnAni is the one, who is a bhakthA and always thinks of me; hence, he is my dearest. and I am his dearest too." - Please make me such a gnAni!.

Request for PARABHAKTI

"purushas sa para: pArtha:... kinkarO bhavAni.."

14."ArjunA, that Parama purushan can be attained through unadulerated ekAntha bhakti only"; "can be attained only with a single pointed devotion/bhakti"; "he gets the Highest Bhakti from Me"- You have mentioned such parama bhakti three times; - Please bless me with such a paramabhakti.

15.Please make me an embodiment of para bhakti, paragnAna and parama bhakti.

16.With those para bhakti, paragnAnam and parama bhakti, I will get Bhagavadh anubhavam and will get "nitya kainkaryam" to You.


Evambhootha mathkainkarya....kinkarO bhavishyasi..

17.Like that, you may not possess or have any means to get Nitya kainkaryam to Me; you may have committed numerous apachArams to Me; and to My bhAgavathALs; you may have committed unpardonable apacharams; you may have possessed vibhareetha ahankAram and vibhareetha gnAnam and hidden the"Real" swaroopam of Atman; You may have got WRONG vibhareetha thoughts for ages (for so many births); you may possess sathva, rajasa, thAmasa guNAs and also are bound by sukha, dukkangaL(pleasure and sorrows); their causes-theorigin of such vibhareetha thoughts;- you are being troubled and disturbed greatly by the above things and obstruct you to get the "paripoorNa parabhakti, paragnAnam and paramabhakti;" - In spite of all these, even though, you have all the above, JUST BECAUSE SOME WAY (may be, inadvertently), YOU HAVE RECITED DWAYA MANTHRAM; and Hence, With My Grace and Mercy, you will get rid of all hurdles; worries and troubles coming in the way to obtain para bhakti and para gnAnam and parama bhakti; With My Grace, you will be blessed with My Swaroopam, GuNam, Roopam, Perumai, LeelAs etc., and you will see Them in person; you will be My servant and you will enjoy Me ONLY; you will realise that realising Me and Serving Me ONLY GIVES you HAPPINESS AND BLISS; For ever, permanently, with no other material benefit or desire, you will LOVE to serve Me; Experiencing Me and Great Love and Bhakti, affection arising in you out of that Rich Experience will come to you BY MY GRACE; you will always PERENNIALLY LOVE TO SERVE ME AND GET BLESSED; you will be keen on That only;

18. This section is an assuring answer by the Lord to a question that Sri Ramanuja has in mind :When do I start such a kaimkaryam ? You have already started BEING like that.

19.Keep reciting Dwaya manthram and ITS MEANING and get over even the semblance of ALL the HURDLES; Live like that HAPPILY in SRIRANGAM till your body is worn out and will not house YOU ANY MORE;

20.When your body falls down, you will shine BRIGHT BY MY GRACE and you will see My Darshan and You will be GREATLY INQUISITIVE to see Me and Reach Me to Serve Me; and you will shed the BODY like removing the Old Cloth; you will get All Bhakti for Me Due to My Grace; You will get "Nitya Kainkaryam" for Me; and you will Not desire anything other than the bliss and happiness of performing Nitya Kainkaryam;

21.Have No Doubts about This (mA thE bhoothathra samsaya:)

22. I have NEVER UTTERED FALSEHOOD; Nor will I ever; Rama Never Talks Twice; "Once, whoever surrenders to Me and says "I am Your Servant", I offer "AbhaYam" to All such Beings";


24. Athas thwam thava.. sukhamAswa.. Hence, you, the one who has joined Me, will know Me as I am, will see as I am and will reach Me as I am and shall HAVE NO DOUBTS AT ALL ABOUT IT; Live Happily Till then.

(Dearest Brothers and Sisters- It is Just my free translation and I know with my limited (and no) knowledge, it is beyond my ability and capacity to do full justice to this Gadhyam's RICH TATHWAM; My attempt is a humble one , since great AchAryAs have commented on the many deep meanings of this gadhyam that is dear to the world of Sri VaishNavAs. They have commented extensively about Sri RamAnujA's saraNAgathi Gadhyam serving as an exposition of the Dvaya manthram that has come to us thru AchAryAs . I place this humble effort of mine at the feet of the divya dampathis of Srirangam and AchArya RaamAnujA with great humility and in the spirit of service to the Sri VaishNavA community

-- Narayana dasan Madhavakkannan














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