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Written by Ramanujacharya


Sri: SrimathE RamanujAya namah:

Dearest sisters and brothers, Subsequent to the article on "saraNAgathi Gadhyam", let us get blessed by the bhakti and great intense personal and emotional anubhavam of our achAryA in his SriRanga Gadhyam.

1. svAdheenatrividhachEtanAchEtana-.....bhavAmi....

"Bhagawaan- the one who has and holds sway over the bhaktha, mukhta and nitya varities of chEtanAs (sentinent) and their existence and activities; and achEthanAs (insentinent); the one who is not affected nor influenced by miseries and by sinful and virtuous karmAs; the one who has excellent innumerable kalyANa guNAs (as enumerated by AchAryA in "saraNAgathi Gadhyam" also) namely.,JnAnam(true and perfect knowledge), Bhala (ability to support the whole Universe), Aishwarya (incomparable wealth and ruler ship of the Universe), veerya (untiring virility), shakthi (power to act without extraneous help), tEjas(unmatched radiance), souseelya(purest character), vAtsalya(pure unmitigated love), Maardava(affectionate tenderness towards devotees/ bhagavathaaLs), Aarjava(Honesty), Souhardha(Thinking of good only), Samya(equanimous one), KaruNya(Merciful), Madhurya(sweet even to enemies), Gambheerya(majesty and nobility), Audharya(giving out liberally- vaLLal thanmai), Chathurya(ability to change even enemies into friends), sthairya(determined to stay on chosen course), dhairya(undaunted courage to bring succor to the bhakthAs), sowrya(ablility to fight alone), parakrama(winning the battles effortlessly), sathya kAma(having Thy will ever fulfilled), sathya sankalpa(Having Thy deeds fully executed), krutithvam(carrying out the duties of BhagavathaaLs), kruthangnathai(remembering with gratitude even a little worship offered to Him), and repository and ocean of all such innumerable kalyANa guNAs; He is parabrahmam and PurushOtthaman (foremost); He is SriRanga saayi; the one who is reclining on the serpent bed in Sri Rangam and He is my swamin;- I am always subject to the command of Him, and have tasted the sweetnesss of being in service to the Lord forever. I will always consider Him as the subject of my Bhakti and GNAnam and will enjoy Him only as my only aim with no gap or separation at all; with such enjoyment, I will get tremendous happiness and bliss and pErAnandham and will involve myself at all times and all circumstances, in offering my service to the Lord and will be saoked and immersed in such service."

2. svAtma niyAmya....prapadyE...

".I, the jivaathma, am always at Your beck and call; always at Your disposal for carrying out service and having a thought of service at all times; having love for enjoyment of limitless kalyANa guNAs of the Lord; Arising out of that enjoyment, is the Bhakti yoga, karma yoga and Gnana yoga, sAthveekam, Asthikam etc., - But the above all are NOT in me; On the contrary, I possess vibhareetha gnAnam and karma and am caught in deep waters of inescapable ocean of sins; I am incapable of breaking myself free from this ocean (crossing the ocean of sin) with my knowledge and bhakti since they are covered with ego and are covered by my inevitable association with prakritti. My unavoidable association with triguNAs is like oil in the sesame seed (eLLil eNNAI pOl) and fire in firewood(araNikkatayil neruppu pOl). I am bound by the rope of karma in the form of virtue and sin accumulated over time immemorial over the ages for so many births of mine out of ignorance; I am incapable of finding the means to overcome this bondage of samsaara ; However hard I try, it is not possible; Hence, the only refuge of all beings! O Lord! Sriman NarayaNA!, the one who is ever associated with Sri Lakshmi!, You are the only means of emancipation. I surrender at Your Lotus feet. I seek Your protection.

(Sisters and brothers, Acharya, we all know, DOES NOT possess such limitations but is speaking on OUR BEHALF and whatever he says are only for us; Let us realise THAT and get blessed by AcharyA and Divine Dampathis!)

3.Eva mavasthi thasyaapi...praarthayE.

"Even though I am in such a helpless state, just because I have begged you, having that alone as the reason, the ever merciful Lord, emperumaan, will grant me the favour of firm single-minded devotion in everlasting service to Him; Oh Lord! Please grant me this boon and I pray for it."

4.tavaanubhoothi sambhoota...gatimanyathA...

I do not have any other shelter and have no other means. BhagavaanE! Please give me and grant me the service to You from the joy of experiencing and enjoying You. Please enable me to please You with my love for You and grant that out of Your limitless mercy."

(You all may notice that any love, bhakti for Sriman Narayana arising in us is and can come only due to His mercy and NOTHING else; Our begging Him to grant us that is all the simplest effort we have to take- Simple- let us start begging Him now immedeiately!)

sarvaavathOchitasEsha....kurushva mAm...

5." SenthAmaraik kaNNA!..(Red Lotus eyed Lord!) I should always be eager to render all forms and all kinds of service under all conditions. Please bless me to possess this state of mind".


6." Even though I have no sincere wish to know the truth nor desire; and I am not fit for Your grace to reach the goal, just because I am doing lip service and am uttering such words (without actually sincerely meaning them),- taking that as my request please grant me the mind to concentrate on what I am going to tell and consider my words as an excuse to fill my deficiencies" (What an excellent reflection about our character and defects in our minds! acharya is narrating in clear categorical terms the state of our minds and their nature)


7. "Oh Limitless infinite Ocean of Mercy!, the Ultimate Shelter and Succour of all irrespective of differences!, the One who wipes and removes the distress of all who take refuge in Him!, Great Ocean of Love to Your Devotees!, The One, who knows all truths about all beings that are created !, You who is filled with ENTIRETY!, the One, who has His wishes always fulfilled!, The One who can do all that He wishes!, Friend in my distress!, Oh kAkusthA (RaamA!), the One, who is ever associated with Sri!, Sriman NararyaNA!, The One, who is the Greatest among all!, Sri RanganAthA!, My NathA!, I PROSTRATE BEFORE YOU!"

(Sisters and brothers, Acharya conveys us the saraNAgathi tatvam and that the Lord is ever Merciful and showers His grace and mercy on those who surrender to Him. He has used Sri Ram for His mercy on the Bird, the Monkeys, the Old lady (sabhari), the stone(ahalyaa), the enemy's brother(vibheeshaNa), the vEdan(Guhan), the asuran (kAkAsuran) (and all of us!))

-- Narayana dasan Madavakkannan














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