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Book: Hindu Dharma, Written by Sri Swami Chandrashekarendra Saraswati


Religion in General

Purpose Of Religion
Man And Beast
Devotion Common To All Faiths
The Unity Of Religions
Qualities Of Religious Teachers

The Vedic Religion : Introductory

Religion Without Name
The Universal Religion
Distinctive Features Of Sanatana Dharma
The Vedas The Root Of All
The Vedas In Their Original Form
The Vedic Religion and Varna Dharma
Division Of Labour
What Is Varna Dharma
Unity In Diversity
Divided By Work But Still One Heart
Why Only In This Country
Who Is Responsible For Decay Of Varna Dharma
The Least Expected Of Brahmins
Preserving Vedas - Why Life Time Mission
Is Cutting of Head Cure For Headake
My Work

The Shastras and Modern Life

The Cure For The Disease Called Modern Civilization
Religion And Society
Neither Too Much Ease Nor Too Many Comfort
Sastras Or Conscience

The Vedas

Basic Text Of Hinduism And OurIgnorism
Why Religion
The Fourteen Abodes Of Knowledge
Past Glory And Present Shame
The Root Of Our Religion
Sound And Creation
Western Vedic Research
Date Of Vedas Inquiry Not Proper
Methods Of Chanting
Word Of God
The Vedas Are Infinite
Mantra Yoga
Sound And Meaning
The Glory Of The Vedas
Yajna Or Sacrifice
Not In Other Religions
The Three Fold Purpose Of Yagna
The Celecistal And Mortal Help Each Other
The Capacity To Work And Capacity To Protect
Rites For Celestials And Rites For Fathers
The Purpose Of Sacrifices
Is Sacrificial Killing Justified
Animal Sacrifice In The Age Of Kali
The One Goal
Those Who Conduct Sacrifice
The Four Vedas
To Discover One Truth
Brahmana And Aranyaka
The Upanishads
The Brahma Sutras
Veda And Vedanta Are They Opposed To One Another
The Ten Upanishads
What Do The Vedas Teach Us
Essence Of Upanishadic Teachings
Vedic Shakhas
Brahmins And Non Brahmins
Sakas Now Studied
Duty Of Brahmins
Veda Bhashya
My Duty
Greatness Of The Vedas


Nose Of Veda Purusha
Youga And Speech
Root Language Sanskrit
A Language That Has All Phonemes
Languages And Scripts Indian And Foreign
Importance Of Enunciation And Intonation
Versions With Slight Differences
Vedic Vocalisation And The Regional
Impact Of Siksa Sastra
Names Of Months
Other Notable Aspects Of Siksa


Mouth Of Veda Purursha
Grammer And Shiva
Works On Grammer
Sanskrit And Tamil Grammar
Sanskrit The Universal Language
Linguistic Studies And Religion


Foot Of The Veda Purusha
Pada Or Foot
Feet And The Syllables
How Poetry Was Born
Some Metrical Forms
Uses Of Chandas Sastra
Foot For The Vedas Nose For The Mantras


Ear Of Veda Purusha


Eye Of Veda Purusha
Astronomy And Astrology
Ancient Mathematical Treatises
Planets And Stars
The Grahas And Human Life
Omens And Signs
Modern Discoveries In Ancient Works
Not Blind Belief
Empirical Proof


Hand Of Veda Purusha

Mimamsa - Karmamarga

Explication Of Vedic Laws
No Concept Of God In Mimamsa
Nyaya And Mimamsa
Buddhism And Indian Society
Shankara And Non Vedic Systems
Mimamsa And Adi Shankara
Determining The Meaning Of Vedic Text
Mimamsa Belief
Shankaras Reply
Vedanta And Mimamsa
How Mimamsa Is Esteemed


Science Of Reasoning
Rational Way To Know God
We Need All Types Of Knowledge
Tarka Treaties
Cause Of Creation
Some Stories And Some Arguments


Magnifying Glass Of The Vedas
Puranans And History
Are The Puranas A Lie or They Metaphorical
Meaningful Even If Imaginary
Vyasas Priceless Gift To Us
Upa-Puranas And Others
Itihasas And Puranas
The Epic And Their Greatness
Why Differences Among The Gods
The One As Many
Many Paths To One Goal
Who Taught The Puranas
They Speak like A Friend
Puranic Discourses And Film
Stala Puranas
Authenticity Of Stala Puranas
Interconnected Stories
Importance Of Stala Puranas
Preserving The Puranas
Palmleaf Manuscripts In Libraries

Dharma Shastra

Realising The Ideals Of The Puranas
Smritis And Allied Works
Vaidyanatha Diksitiyam
Freedom And Decipline
Signs And Marks
Smritis Not Independent Work
The Source Of Smritis Are In Vedas
Sruti Smriti Srauta Smarta

The Forty Samskaras

Paradise Or The Path Of Atmajnana
Three Types of Worlds
Meaning of Samskaras
The Eight Qualities
Gunas In Practical Life
Importance Of Agni
Names Of Samskaras
Samskaras Performed By Parents
Why Not All Samskaras For All


The Sastras And Popular Custom
Basic To The Vedic Tradition
Qualities Of A Brahmacarin
Naisthika Brahmacarya And Family Life
Upanayana When To Perform It
Models To Follow
Why Early Upanayana
Domestic Life And The Carnal Desire
The Brahmin Must Keep His Body Pure
Gayatri And Sandhyavandana
Other Aspects Of Sandhyavandana
What About Women
The High Status Of Our Women


For The Practise Of Dharma
Upanayana For Girls
The Age Of Marriage And The Law
Controversy About Age Of Marriage
Eight Forms Of Marriage
Why Child Marriage
Our Duty Now
Make Marriages Simple
Duty Of Motherhood
Duty Of The Bridegroom
Arrangements Made By The Matha
The Real Reform
Working Women
Any Use Talking
Marriage Expenses And The Sastras
Three Ways To Economy
Ideals Of Marriage


Grhastha And Grhini
Can A New Brahmin Caste Be Created
Aupasana And Women
Agni And The Vedic Religion
Other Samskaras
Goal Of Samskaras
A Day In The Life Of A Brahmin

Varna Dharma for Universal Well-being

Jatis Why So Many Differences
Caste According To The Vedas And The Gita
Character And Vocation By Birth
Vocations According To Guna Not In Practice
A Wrong Notion
Equal Opportunities
Strength Of Unity
Hinduism And Other Religions
The Eternal Religion
Brahmins Are Not A Privileged Caste
Universal Wellbeing
The Fourth Varna Has Its Own Advantages
Removal Of Ego
The Ultimate Purpose Of Varna Dharma
The Universal Remedy
Sankara And Sanatana Dharma
Cry "Grow" Dont Cry "Perish"

From Work to Workless ness

Outward Karma Inward Meditation
How To Cultivate Character And Good Conduct
Samsare Kim Saram
Inward And Outward
Do We Need Rituals
Karma Is The Starting Point Of Yoga
Karma yoga

Dharma - Common to All

How To Control The Mind
Sesame And Water Where Do They Go
To Serve Others Is To Feel Blessed
Making All Creatures Happy
Towards Mental Purity
Fault Finding
Are We Worthy Of Being Angry
Love And Sorrow













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