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Vedas and other Scriptures
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  Other Hinduism related books
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  Index of Standard Books/Works on Hindu Scriptures
[AB] Abhidharma/Theravada [KS] Kashmir Saivism
[Ac] Acintyabhedabheda Vedanta [MB] Madhyamaka
[Aj] Ajivika [NV] Nyaya Vaisesika
[AV] Advaita Vedanta [PM] Purva-Mimamsa
[BD] Bhedabheda/Dvaitadvaita [S] Samkhya
[BL] Buddhist Logic/Sautrantika [SS] Saiva Siddhanta
[C] Carvaka or Lokayata [SUD] Suddhadvaita Vedanta
[DV] Dvaita Vedanta [SV] Sarvastivada and Vaibhasika
[G] Grammarian or Vyakarana [VS] Virasaivism
[GB] General Buddhism, especially Mahayana  [VV] Visistadvaita Vedanta
[GS] General Saivism [Y] Yoga
[H] General Hinduism  [YB] Yogacara or Vij˝anavada
[J] Jainism    
Referential Index of Hindu Literature
Index of Primary Text Topic index
Index of Authors [ABBREVIATIONS]
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